Do DIY Auto Glass Repair Kits Work?

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If you crack your windshield, getting an affordable auto glass repair can be tough. This video shows if you really need to spend the money, or if you can use an inexpensive glass repair kit and do it yourself.

The first thing to know is that windshields have three layers. There’s an outer layer of tempered glass, an inner layer of plastic, and then another layer of tempered glass. This means that a windshield may not be cracked all the way through. Be sure the check the depth of the crack before you begin.

Use the pin in the kit and clean out any loose fragments. Use the alcohol prep to clean, center the backing plate onto the crack, and fix the cap to the top. Feed the resin in the kit through the hole in the top of the cap. You don’t need much!

Take the syringe from the kit and plug it into the hole. Pull up the plunger and wait about 10 minutes. Take off the syringe to let air in, and push the syringe back into the second notch.

Wait another 20 minutes, take off the syringe and backing plate, add a final layer of resin, and place the curing strip on top. Let the sun dry it out, and you’re good to go!

This repair kit will only work on small cracks, however. A crack that goes all the way through needs to be replaced. If the crack is too long, you’ll have to replace the windshield, too.



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