DIY Transmission Repair

When attempting a transmission repair, you’ll start by going from the front to the back and inspecting just about everything. Every repair will be different. This video goes over a transmission that wouldn’t go in reverse and kept slipping into overdrive.

Video Source

This particular transmission heated up so much that the clutch plates welded themselves together, causing problems and clogging up the filters. This clutch was burnt out from consistently towing heavy vehicles. The overdrive band is burnt down to the metal, which prevented the car from going into reverse and made it slip into overdrive. Depending on how the vehicle is used, you may or may not need to replace certain parts such as the valve body, fluid, and filters.

Maintenance on vehicles, especially towing vehicles, is essential to preventing issues with your transmission. Changing the fluid in the filter and keeping the temperature cool are vital for the lifespan of your vehicle. By adding an auxiliary cooler and replacing your filter and fluid annually, you can guarantee that it will last longer and run more efficiently. Vehicles that aren’t towing other vehicles won’t need as much maintenance.

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