DIY Garage Door Repairs That Will Save You Money

Before starting your DIY garage door repair, ensure you have some tools: winding bars, vice grips, wrenches, and a square head. Also, put on safety glasses. The YouTube video, “Garage Door Springs How to Video…,” explains the steps involved in carrying out DIY garage door repairs.

First, release the garage-door tension by using your wrench to loosen the bolt on the spring. Then use your winding bar to release the pressure until the pressure is no more.

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After the tension has been released, release the bolt from the center cone.

Next, loosen the keys above the broke spring. Then loosen both sides and slide the keys out. Replace the old springs by sliding in the new springs. Ensure you put the spring back correctly.

After doing that, put your torso bar back in your center bearings. If your door is a seven-foot one, make sure you wind it up 30 turns. But if it’s an eight-foot door, wind it up to 34 turns. Then take your cable and put it in the slot line. Test the door’s balance once you have removed the winding bar. It should be easy to lift.


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