Concrete Curb Contractors are Masters of Their Trade

There are various types of concrete curbs that can be differentiated by their size and shape. A brief YouTube video titled “How We Build Simple Forms For Concrete Curb” details the process by which experienced concrete curb contractors construct concrete curbs. The video discusses the elevation, spacing, and height of curbs, as well as the size of wood stakes required when constructing a concrete curb.

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It would be best to keep the mow curb slightly above the ground. Do this with the help of a flat object such as wood. It is crucial because it will prevent soil from silting or grass and weeds growing above and over it.

Most concrete curb contractors prefer using a guide to help determine the spacing between forms. It is essential to enhance the consistency and accuracy of the concrete curbs. Also, use wooded stakes to join forms.

When elevation changes, ensure it is as close as possible to a post so that the concrete and the fence can change elevation simultaneously. Finally, as a concrete curb contractor, have all your tools and ensure they work.


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