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Auto Jigglers A Solution To Your Keys Trapped In The Car

You have had a fun day, maybe you went shopping, or you went out and saw a movie. You hop in your car and drive on home. Without realizing it, you leave your keys in the car, locked. Uh oh! Now you are stuck without a spare. Whoops! And it looks like your phone is stuck in there, too. Guess you will not be calling a roadside service. If only you had a set of auto jigglers.

What Are Auto Jigglers?

Auto jigglers are, essentially, a set of stainless steel lock picks. Their purpose for the general public is to get yourself out of a bind without having to go through the hassle of calling for roadside service. They are also an excellent set of tools if you work in the towing industry, you repossess vehicles, car dealers and even locksmiths themselves. Even better, they do not make use of a separate tension tool. The usefulness of auto jigglers has certainly helped along the locksmith industry grow in the past five years. In fact, it has seen a 1.9 percent growth, tallying $2 billion in revenue during the year of 2018. This in turn has helped the number of businesses cropping up by 2 percent, as well as add 1.2 percent more employees in the field.

How do they work?

The age old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ certainly applies to auto jigglers. They do not just work by inserting the tool. Instead, it might be best to make use of a practice lock first before thrusting metal objects into your car’s lock.

The first piece of the puzzles is the designs of each tool. The tool in question is designed to match the average settings for a particular lock.

The last piece of the puzzle comes from movement. Ever insert a key into the right keyhole only to find it is not working like it should? Did you try wiggling and jiggling it? Exactly! You knew how to use an auto jiggler without having any prior experience. The act of jiggling the auto key moves the key into the correct position to match the key to the keyhole it is associated with.

But forget all that if you are strapped for time, especially if you are in law enforcement. Electric lock picks are invaluable to law enforcement when lives are at stake and they can’t reach a crucial location. Instead, electric pick guns vibrate. You move your hand as the electric pick lock vibrates and pushing on the pins inside the lock. Sometimes this works beautifully within a few seconds, and sometimes it outright fails because there is still some technique required.

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